Sunday, Jan 26

Friends and family:

Doing well today. Feeling rested. Kathy has kept me eating and drinking. Fluids seem to be key for me right now so its water, water, water. Can’t wait to have a beer again.

I have rediscovered my tastebuds and had a mexican shrimp cocktail yesterday. It was very good. I also had some carne asada, rice and beans, with chocolate cake for dessert. (Back to my roots) Yum. I was only able to eat half, and had the usual digestion problems, but not too bad all things considered.

My next chemo cycle starts Friday, so I will probably be on a “low profile” for next weekend. I will try a get a quick update out again after that to let you know how “round two” went.

Your emails continue to bring smiles to my face. From long ago and far away high school pals fondly remembered (Hello Marie!) to family, close friends and colleagues, i read your notes, hear your voices and see your faces again. Its like we are sharing a beer, coffee, or lunch and this cancer thing is a million miles away.

Take care of yourselves. Talk to you soon.



10 thoughts on “Sunday, Jan 26

  1. Becky says:

    Excellent Alex! Fluids and food are definitely key! Ok and dessert too!! Keep up your strength. Positive thoughts for round two.

  2. Joann Dorn says:

    So happy to hear that you are eating and drinking water, water, water and that you have been able to rest. I love the menu sounds wonderful we must have been on the same wave length as yesterday we had some very good tacos and taquitos. We are hoping your next round will go well and our thoughts are with you. Love to all of you!

  3. It’s good to hear you are hitting this head on. Whatever Mexican Shrimp refers too; One has to question the weird slightly racial tone to your menu. I mean what’s the matter with eating African American Shrimp? Or even Asian Shrimp? And where’s all the medical marijuana you hear about…are you holding out on your friends?

  4. Kristen & Jivan says:

    Hey, even I got hungry reading your message! (note that I talk like Jivan now…. “even I …. “). SO glad to hear you are eating and drinking. The beer can wait…. but I feel for you buddy. I have an old friend that was missing her wine while pregnant. She adopted a cat at that time and promptly named her “Chabli”. SO so happy to see you gaining strength for the next “battle”. Cheers Alex : )

  5. You realize I was being silly with my previous comment right? Anyway…good to hear that you are having some positive experiences within the cancer framework. Would you be willing to talk about your experience at one my NIH/NCI meetings? One branch often brings in Patients to put the humanity back into the clinical side of research. If interested I could ask.

  6. Stacy M says:

    Good luck for round two which I believe you are having today. Great news about the appetite! Liquids liquds liquids. Thinking of you and the family. With prayer and love,

  7. Mark Morrison says:

    Hello Alex! You are in our prayers daily and we are appreciate your updates. Thanks for keeping us dialed in. We are heading up to Idyllwild soon and will be remembering the fun we had with you and the family:) Our love to all, Mark and Beth

  8. Rod says:

    Hey Alex,
    I hope you enjoyed the CD. We’re all cheering you on. Perhaps you can cheat a little this week and grab a beer in between those glasses of water….

    • Hey Rod
      Thanks for the quick shout out. I jamming to the tunes from the CD as I type. It was really cool to have you all put a song on the disk for me.

      No doubt you are busy with anthor “drough response” by when I get on a good cycle and you are a breathing point, we should catch a beer and get caught up on the “haps” . With Halla back at Utilities, I half expected you to move over to take the Finacial AD job…

      Any way
      Best Wishes


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