Thursday Feb 6 – Doing ok

Dear Friends and Family

I have managed to come through my 2nd treatment cycle ok. Alot better than “round 1” as I forced myself to drink more fluids early on, which seemed to speed the recovery from the chemo side effects. My weight is still an issue. I have lost about 30 pounds since leaving work (though I was 10 pounds too heavey to begin with), so I am looking pretty thin these days. Still have hair, though, so I got that going for me :o)

I continued to be touched by all the kind words of encouragement you send. I am not able to turn around replies as quickly as I would like since the treatments put me “out of commission” for 4-5 days, but I want you to know that I read them all and, though I am not an especially sentimental guy, I must admit to a tear or two, along with a smile, as I read.

You guys from work are great. I keep listening to the CD you put together. What a great mix of music. And all the wonderful dinners that you have cooked and provided for Kathy and I have made these past weeks easier on us. There is still plenty in our freezer (um!).

As usual, I am keeping a low profile and trying to conserve my strength for this fight. I have been reading some of the books you have sent me, taking my thoughts to different places and events, and speeding away the time. I have tried to keep my brain engaged with mental exercises while I rest and for some strange reason I got hooked on probability calculations, especially involving dice rolls. You know what I mean? While I got the probabilities down involving the sum to two dice (afterall, craps and me go way back), I started down this wierd path of calculating the probability of rolling a “2” or less with one die, two dice, three dice, etc. Then, the probability of rolling “3” or less, “4” or less, and “5” or less. Interesting how the math works. I have been trying to derive the formula myself (versus looking it up in my old algebra books) and have gotten a little closer each time. Its not like Newton and his search for the calculus or anything, but it keeps my mind busy while I doze…. Yeah. I think it must be the meds…

Until next time, hang in there. I wish you all a smile that fills your day.



7 thoughts on “Thursday Feb 6 – Doing ok

  1. Joann Dorn says:

    Alex we are so glad that you have done the second round better you will have this whole process down pat by the next round. Drinking lots of fluids is key and eating is always good, at least in my book. What is that old saying you can never be too rich or too thin, a little extra weight does give you an advantage. Yay you still have your hair but you would be just as handsome without hair. We pray for you daily and hope that you continue to have hope while you are in this fight. Sending you lots of Love.

  2. Fantastic news Alex…did you calculate the probability of
    throwing ‘Craps’ on a cold table where everyone is losing?

    Seriously…probability should cover that….you might even
    be able to identify a particular player’s probability statistics.
    Like when a guy comes up to the table, cigarette lit, open
    70’s collared shirt and two hookers – what are the probability
    that said retro man will win money that the two hookers will
    steal whilst he’s at the table versus whilst he takes a shower?

    As for sentimentality – I’d say..screw it. Now’s the time to be
    a badass and open up the can of whoop-ass on this treatment.
    Just like that ridiculous move you used to make in basketball…
    You know the one where Phil’s toupee’ would fly off while you
    got hammered by Bill as you threw an underhanded prayer of
    a hook shot?….oh wait….that wasn’t you…that was me…and Phil
    didn’t have a toupee…he’s just losing his hair. And Bill would
    elbow me in the eye….I’m a bit hazy about those days
    from the concussions…and trying to forget Tony’s wild-eyed
    suggestions to ‘cut it…cut the eye now’….

    I think that it’s ironic that you still have your hair with all the treatments
    that are supposed to make you lose it. While out here in NC I’m not
    going through anything and my hair is retreating faster than a French

    Keep strong my friend. Think about this…at least this treatment is keeping
    you from another humiliating last place finish in TDF. BTW It’s not humiliating
    to come in last…it’s humiliating to come in last after me!

  3. Karen K. says:

    Hey Alex! You’ve mentioned your hair a couple of times–and you do have a great head of hair. But think about it–no hair for men is a real fashion statement now; add to that the popularity of fedoras and I think you’re set, whichever way the hair thing goes.

    • Karen:
      I’ve gone on-line looking for a dark green or blue fedora but haven’t quite found one yet. I am NOT giving up. If I am not successful in my fight with this darn illness, can you imagine the surprise on faces of family when I am dressed in full fedora with overcoat and gold chains.. “What happend to Alex? He looks like a character from SOPRANOS”… it’d be worth it. :0) I think I would get a veto on that from Mom, though. Oh well, I am still getting the fedora… hehehe

  4. Pam Carreon says:

    Alex. Thinking of you. I love to read your posts and share your journey. What a great idea. You have some very very funny friends. Sending a big hug your way. Modern medicine is amazing. You will beat this!!

    • Pam:
      I know that you faced your own difficult challenges and your words of encouragement mean alot to me. I am trying really heard to take it day by day, enjoying the good days as much as I can, and taking the poor days with alot of rest and fluids. Thanks for the big hug. It may sound silly but I can feel that over here.

      My Best to You


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