Friday, March 7

Dear Family and Friends:

Just a quick update on my progress. Cycle 4 is in the books. I did a little bit better this time, recovering from the main effects by this past Tuesday. But I still get pretty tired during the day and have to, as a result, take rest breaks throughout the day to help keep the ol’ energy level up.

I think I am holding steady in the weight department. I thought last week that i was up 4 pounds, but infortunately it was a error in the reading and I had my shoes on. But still, not losing any more weight is a good thing. No pain or fever. My hair is thinning more and more, though. There hasnt been any real change in my prognosis, but Doc says I am handling the treatments well – better than many. I will see him next week and perhaps get a better sense of whether anything has changed (or whether i should just go to Vegas and put it all down on “red”. Or maybe put it all down on “22” and see if Mssr. Rick gives me a break. :o)

I am getting individual emails from many of you about the things you are doing for yourself to make you smile. From potting, to cooking, to gaming, to reading, sewing, painting, quilting. It makes me smile to know that in the bussle of all the daily activitiy, you recharge your own batteries… and don’t get sick! Wash hands frequently, change toothbrushes a little more often, and eat more frequently and lighter. Just thought I would mention it. …  

Finally, where did this come from with people starting sentences with the word “so”? What’s that all about??

Will try and post more frequently to avoid any concerns that I’ve “gone quiet”.

I hope you all are doing well. I smile and think of you often.

many hugs



4 thoughts on “Friday, March 7

  1. Kristen and Jivan says:

    What a wonderful mini vacation enjoying a leisurely & yummy lunch with you and Kath today! Just lovely. SO happy to see you doing well Alex…warms my heart….. and soul. Redwoods here we come! love from Kristen and Jivan

  2. Joann Dorn says:

    Happy to hear round four is done and that you are mastering coming out of your treatments so well. Naps are always good enjoy each one energy is what you need.

    Have you found partners for those board games you have dug out. I’ll bet Nick is so busy he barely has time to play. Kathy is always up for a game or two I am sure, I just found the game Wizard in the closet I think all of you introduced us to that game have you played that one recently I know it isn’t a board game but cards are always fun too.

    Take care have a great week. Sending you lots of hugs and love!

  3. Karen K. says:

    Sounds like you’re doing really well, Alex. Take those naps–they are one of God’s gifts to those of us who can. I’ve another game from the older set–Mexican Train dominos–a lot of fun and Target carries it. It’s intergenerational as our grandkids enjoy playing (or should I say beating us) with us. Best to you, Kathy and Nick. Karen

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