Cycle 5 Update – Sat March 15

Dearest Friends, Family, Amigos, Campenzinos, Compadres,

I am in Cycle 5 of the chemo treatments this weekednd. Same old stuff. Feeling tired but no pain. Just mostly a hassle getting water and food down, though Nurse Kathy has bee really good about monitoring my medications, food and water intake. We are getting pretty good at timing all the intakes so to minimize side effects and such. We are hopeful that we can get through all the treatment side effects and get back to feeling normal by Tuesday. Finger’s crossed.  That would be the ratio of good days to bad days of 9 to 5. I’ll take that anytime. My old boss once said the when the “hassle factor curve” starts to rise about the “life satisfaction curve” time to make a change. Not quite there yet. :o)

Saw the Doc on thursday. Really good news that my (bad) cancer markers have decrease tremendously based upon blood analysis done in Feb., He can feel no distention, sensitivy, enlargement or anything else in my abdonmen,  so that’s another good sign. Lungs seem clear. And what really made him happy was that I gained 3 pounds from last time. (I had a false increase last time, but this was verified). He gave me a high five on that one, but the credit goes to all you who have been so generous in your munchies and meals. It has kept me eating as much as I possibly can, and now that I feel better more and more between treatments, I just seem to gobble it up. Yum!

On hiccup in the blood test results. Thursday evening’s blood samples showed decrease in white blood count below the ideal threshold for my level of concentration. Doc therefore backed off from an 80% to 70% solution in all four chemicals they give me yesterday (Friday). This seems to be common as the chemicals are a wide-ranging cell inhibitors that attack the cells in there various reproductive cycles. Anyway, they don’t want my body to strain too much during the treatment, so the lower the concentration to keep my body responding well at the highest concentration  level possible. Worst case would be my body shuts down and I then would be unable to handle any treatments. so I am going with DR Chen. He is informative and is really following what’s happening.

I really have to thank you all for the positive energy, from CHI to Prayers, to Thoughts and GOOD Vibes,Books, prayer blankes, “Chemo wear”, magazines and meaningful books.  I want you to know that I do feel all the wishes and i am know  it has helped me fight this friggin thing in the best possible way. You are all so busy in your lives, family, jobs, your own obligations. You are such good people to think of me. I am blessed to know you all.




4 thoughts on “Cycle 5 Update – Sat March 15

  1. Becky says:

    Great to hear you’re getting better with each cycle. Keep up the good job! You have the best support team to help get you through this and I will keep the positive thoughts coming your way!

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