April 11, Friday – Round 7

Hey My Dear Friends, Beloved Family and Never-Gonna-Surrender Wingmen:

CHemo #7 today – feel pretty good. I am off pain meds completely! And my CR 19 markers, which I discribed last time, are now down from 20,000 in Jan to 410 yesterday. Doc says the “gold standard” to know if the treatment is working is my CT scan, set for next wednesday, so a few days after that, we should have a better feel for how its going inside. But, with no pain, everything else still working, these are positive signs. I take it day by day, resting a little less these days, a doing what I can to have fun.

How are you all? I haven’t heard too much from you all these past weeks. What fun and soul-recharging efforts have you smiling these days? And don’t say you got that email written that’s been haning in the “in box” for over a week, or that your management/decision makers at work have given the “go-ahead” to that proposal you suggested last Thanksgiving. I am talking about maybe being at Choachella for the “happenings” this weekend (no, Jim, not talking about the release of the latest groundwater reports, though I do get a kick out of that, too) or maybe (like Stacey) going to Disneyland and having fun. Or taking in a Padres game with your buddies (oh – wait, that may be more like watching waves eroding your newly constructed sand castle), or maybe a round or two of golf where you break 90 and you savor the round at the Clubhouse, or playing banjo on the street corner, or construct instruments for your favorite music class, or like Ernie, you’ve been off to Mexico (though I am not sure he’s made it back, yet), or like, Bill you’ve flown down from Capitola to reminisce with crazy- funny stories while you take all the cash from  Jeff, Rudy and me (wasn’t that fun?.. turns out, it really was) or maybe playing cribbige every week with your buddies, or just walking to feel better, or seeing the wonder in the faces of grandchildern as they discover life,s surprises for the first time. Or maybe just watching a beautiful sunrise, when the mist is just clearing and the morning songs of a dozen birds, many back to the same nests you discovered last spring, begin their sweet refrains. And in the peace of the warming glow, you feel the grace and affection, the  loving thoughts of hope and strength,  of a remarkable group of friends and family you have know. And, smiling like you always have, know that it Is a wonderful life…




2 thoughts on “April 11, Friday – Round 7

  1. Becky says:

    That’s wonderful news Alex! I hope you get better news next week. Continue to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with friends and family.

  2. Ed Plank says:

    Hi Alex, great to hear all the positive indicators……nail that CT scan on Wednesday!!! Bridget and I are going to celebrate her “big” birthday in Italy next month. We will toast to your health in Venice and say a prayer at St. Peter’s in Rome. All our best to you and your family.


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