Tuesday April 22 – Test Results

My Dear Friends and Family:

Just wanted to send a quick update on my status. Today I got the test results from my second CT scan, performed last Wednesday. The objective is to compare this latest scan with the the results from the  initial scan performed back on Dec 16. The results are good. My cancer lesions, nodes, etc., have all shrunk in size.  A node on my lung apparently has gone away completely. So, it looks like my interanl organs which were negatively impacted are reacting favorably to the bi-weekly chemo treatments. I need to keep pluggin away at this thing to reduce it even more, so the treatments are going to continue as long as my body can take it. Right now, my hair is very thin, and I am down the four days after chemo, but it is not as bad as before and the up days are better and more frequent. Overall, doc says i am “doing very well” with the treatment.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without the support, prayers, and well wishes from you all. Old friends and family, new neighbors and former coworkers, I have been the beneficiary of so much positive energy I have no doubt of its tangible impact on my condition. I have felt it every day and especially on those few occasions when I have felt low. You have kept me positive and looking forward. It is a precious gift… thank you so much.

Love and Hugs,







5 thoughts on “Tuesday April 22 – Test Results

  1. Joann Dorn says:

    Alex we are so glad that the CT scan shows that the chemo is helping to shrink the nodes and that you are able to continue with your treatments. Continue to take one day at a time that is all any of us has one day at a time.

    We hope you enjoyed the game on Sunday and it was great seeing you both on facebook we love those smiles. We had a great time of worship Sunday morning with Toby, Dawn & family and then entertained 16 people with ham dinner and games after it was a great day topped off with a picture of you and Nick. It does our heart good to see you with your usual smile.

    May 1st Phil gets his hearing aids and as he puts it will join the world of hearing. I am looking forward to great conversations with him not changing the subject Lol although I will probably miss his hilarious comments which made no sense. I am sure when he plays cribbage with you he will be able to follow your conversation without a hitch.

    We continue to pray for you and hope God will fill you with HIs comfort. Sending you lots of Love!

  2. Karen K. says:

    Alex, Such encouraging news!!!!! Maybe time to do some on-line shopping. I checked ebay and etsey and they both have vintage men’s hats–happy shopping.

  3. Jen C says:

    Thinking about your road to recovery and happy to hear about your good news. A Pharrell Williams hat may be more your style 😀

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