July 9 – A Little Update

Friends, Family, Compadres:
Since I last updated in May, I have been feeling pretty well, taking my regular treatments every other week and spending time on fun stuff in between. At my May appointment with the Doc, we agreed that I could skip one treatment this summer and use the couple weeks off to get away on a couple of vacations. My tests results were still pretty good. Doc didn’t think missing one cycle would impact the regimen, and I certainly was in favor of taking a vacation from the treatments :o). No schedule yet on the next (3rd) CT scan to see any further progress, but since I am feeling well, I say let’s have some fun…

So Kath and I spent a week in mid-June with one of our dear friends and we toured the California coast from Santa Barbara to Muir Woods, north of San Fransico. What a wonderful, relaxing time. I had never seen the redwoods in such abundance and, though we were sad not to get to Redwood National Forest near the Oregon boarder, the weather, scenary, and experience of visiting little beaches, towns, roadside fruit stands, and the stately redwood trees was great for the soul. We even managed to visit family and long-time friends in the Bay area (“Where the heck is some good Mexican food?” :o) ). The time spent with them went way too fast.

We will be off again to D.C. in the not too distant future. That should be a heck of a time – lots of history and humidity – just up my alley. I hope you, too, have scheduled a summer break for yourself. Come September 1, I will expect updates as to how you all have re-energized your body, re-invigorated your heart, and refreshed your soul. No formal updates – a summary page memo will do. :o)

I will be taking my 13th treatment this Friday. Some of the side effects are building up in me, but I still feel very fortunate to have been able to tolerate them so well to this point. The chemo is still likely to continue for a while and, though I do get a little down on the Friday when I head into the facility, I always cheer myself up by thinking of you all – from Australia to San Jose, Capitola to North Carolina, Missouri to Virginia, or those of you here in good ol’ San Diego. You all have made me laugh, brought me treats, bought me a beer (or let me buy you one), gave me the benefit of your wisdom, and have encouraged me to keep plugging away. When I think of you, my Fridays turn out pretty well after all…

Love and hugs,


4 thoughts on “July 9 – A Little Update

  1. Kristen says:

    HI Alex! Sounds good, thanks for the update! History and humidity…cute : ) I really missed your presence after our trip. Everything just felt “right”. I will be in touch with you guys before you leave for DC. Sending love and warm wishes your way. Kristen

  2. Aggie says:

    We saw pictures of your trip on FB; it was so great to see you both having so much fun! I hope Kath posts pictures of your DC trip too. Do you plan to visit Williamsburg? It seems like a very interesting place. Everyone dressed in period clothing. (Am I thinking of the right place…?) For our part, we just spent a week hosting my family (Mom and brothers from out of town.) We just did little day trips locally, but the time we all spent together was priceless!

    • Hey Gnarley Gnate: Thanks for the prompt for an update. I didnt realized it had been so long since my last post. You got some beautiful country out your way. Virginia was really pretty. We even found a good Mexican restaurant just outside Shenandoha National Park, in Front Royal. Go figure… You hooping anymore? :o)

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