Sept 12

Dear Friends, Family, Compadres:
Summer has come and gone way too quickly for me. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago I was planning our trip to the redwoods. Since my last update in July, we have managed an 8-day excursion to DC, a weekend getaway to Palm Springs (more mudslides, please!), helped my ol’pal with a fence and pergola (jeeze its hot!), had dinner with some Y-guys (Ernie IS Mr. Vegas), lunched with Temples 1 and 2, and had dinner, picked some grapes and made wine with the same great folks I began my career with 25 years ago (You jumping outta that plane yet, Linda?) . Alot of fun and great memories.

My treatment has progressed, as I have managed to miss only one scheduled bi-weekly cycle since January and I have continued to tolerate the IV infusions with relatively minimal side effects. The Doc has even commented that I have made it longer on this currewnt chemo regimen than any of his other patients. I am fortunate to have good genes. My latest CT scan and cancer “markers” test also have been good. The main tumor is still shrinking and other areas where they saw something before, in the liver and lungs, “are no longer visualized”- so that’s good news.

But i had a little, what I call “event” last week (I think Kathy would call it something different).. Got a hold of some questionable take out food 2 days after my latest treatment ended. Turns out that with a supressed white blood cell count that day (my body was still recovering) it didnt have much ability to fight off any infection. Within 6 hours I was running a fever of 104 and had to be admitted to the hospital. Yadda-Yadda-Yadda and 3 days later i was home again with some strong antibiotic tablets (ugh). I promised many of you loving people to take better care in the future – I will.

Well, with the test results looking better than we hoped when we launched this boat in January, and with last week’s episode indicating that maybe this good ol’ body of mine needs a break, Doc has canceled treatemnts until Oct, when we will meet again and decide on the next course of action. Maybe back on the same horse, or a new treatment altogether. I didn’t want to take my foot off the gas, so to speak, since we have been having good results, but i agree that a month break would feel great. I am looking forward to consecutive treatment-free weekends :o).

I hope you have done something fun this summer and will be doing even more wacky stuff this fall. You all continue to inspire me to keep going and be positive. Take care of yourselves and recharge your batteries. Carve out time for fun and ignore the negativity that can seem pervasive. Friends are everywhere. Beauty is in you. And no matter what hand we are dealt, its a wonderful life. :o)

Love Strong


6 thoughts on “Sept 12

  1. Alex what great news although you might want to stay away from take out food. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. You are a hero of ours! God Bless…Maggie & Mike

    • Thanks Mike, Maggie. It was good seeing you at Zach’s graduation. We were sorry it was so short a visit. Next time we will have to have you over for dinner at our place…

  2. Marie Boundy says:

    Always wanted to make wine. Not sure it would still taste nice after my feet have been stomping on the grapes. Probably would taste a little toey. Haha. Good to hear the treatment going well. Food poisoning can be a bugger. Robin had it earlier this year. He fainted and scraped his head on the way down. No ambos required. We’ve become puppy carers for Seeing Eye Dogs of Australia. Always wanted to do that. He was a handful at first, but getting better socialised now. Will have to give him up in another 6-8 months. He (Percy) is a great taste tester. Perhaps he can test your food for you next time you have take out. Haha. How those milk bottles going? Take care. Always good to hear from you. Marie

    • Marie: I can just imagine you crushing wine. Wow. What a flavor :o). So cool that you are a puppy carer, although it must be hard to give them up. .. My milk intake is good. You know what? I often crave my small glass of chilled milk and a fig newton, just like before. Some things never change…

      Hugs, Al

  3. Joann Dorn says:

    So happy to hear that you are back home and you did not have to stay longer in the hospital. You have been doing remarkable with your treatments and I the news of your last test were wonderful. I knew you were on my mind all week don’t know why I didn’t send you a message last week. That just goes to say when someone is on your mind call them or write. Hoping the antibiotics take care of everything that needs to heal and you remain your smiley self.

    We had a new roof put up in the last week and are waiting for gutters Yippee. Also having new windows put in so we will be warm and cozy this winter. So if you want to spend some time in the rain come on up Lol!

    Summer did go by quickly and other than our visit in July we haven’t done too much. We rented a cabin earlier this month to celebrate our Anniversary twenty two years which you have coming up soon too. Loved staying in the cabin and we actually had a 90 degree day on the beach it felt like a CA beach day. We didn’t have to wear our parka that day so that was nice.

    Our fall schedule has started we are both bowling on Tues I bowl on Thurs also. Phil is cutting back this year and only bowling one league. Bible studies have started back up I go Tues morning and Phil goes Thurs evenings. We are walking in the mornings due to the pool being closed for maintenance and they are painting both pools so hopefully will be open next week.

    We continue to pray for you and hope that all continues to go well for you. Hugs and lots of Love to all of you!

  4. Kristen says:

    Hey Alex! Such happy news!!! Enjoy the break. Jivan will soon be in the Muir Woods! He has friends visiting from India for the first time. They are flying to SF tonight and will drive to the redwoods tomorrow. Just imagine. When they come back Jivan will take them on a desert drive adventure, the San Jacinto tram, night in Palm springs, then Catalina the next day! We are flying over and taking the boat back. We will be zip lining for the first time on Thursday. I’m joining them for Catalina, the rest of the time they will be on their own. Our adventure is just unfolding… Still enjoying your good news. We will plan a visit soon. Love you, Kristen

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